Life at Fed Ex is getting more and more untolerable. Super de bore. Initial still alright with the workload, kept me occupy the whole day. Now its getting more and more less. Ya, you will ask zo bo lan still complain. This is the problem.. In the office you have to be doing some work or people will start saying things behind you.

I am doing data entry for a promotion for Fed Ex and this group of customer who will be faxing in the application form. There will be personal particulars which I have to type into the excel sheets. Typically, one customer application will take me around one minute to enter. Here come the problem, first two days there were around 50 forms.. Recently, only 5 - 6 form per day. I try to drag and drag, take me one hour to finish the form.. Rest of the time I will be free. So I surf the internet after I finish. Imagine a lot of ppl sitting around me and see me surfing the net, they told me not to surf till 'so obvious'. What do they mean by not so obvious.. Since I got really nothing to do. I try to play excel sheet for the rest of the 7 hours!! Trying to come up with a sheet that calculate trigonometery. And even come up with a sheet that actually calculate distance that's to measure distance on total station.

Waaah, really cannot make it. Second passes like minute, and intense working with them, all the fast typing and fluent 'telemarketer' English. So I decide to surf the net not so obviously be minimns to so small that oonly one line of text can be read... 20 more days of zo bo lan.. Headache.



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