Female Syrian Hamster

Yeah, today finally went to lakeside there buy our second hamster with Yang Xiao Jie.. We got a very cute one. a female one, claimed one of the shop assistance. Its very tame and cute and small and very 'ting hua'. When you try to hold it, it wouldn't run around one. Very ting hua and we like it so so much. Due to my N73 was taken for service I wasn't able to upload this long haired syrian.. But soon we will update its photo. Decide to name it "cute cute".

'cute cute' so cute right?Let us compare her to Nk 8310. So small right?

We are so worry that Ah Qiu will not accept cute cute.. We scace Ah Qiu bully cute cute. But in the end Ah Qiu like cute cute so so much.. Smell her a lot. Got very 'excited' when he saw cute cute. Or should I say he is horny?? Very very horny loh. Lick cute cute's pussy loh. But cute cute just ignore him and fell asleep. Ah Qiu will get canned because he rape underage hamster loh. Cute cute only less then one month old. Not even in their pubility period.
Ah Qiu keep smelling cute cute's .......

Cute cute is just so cute.. Yang Xiao Jie still not online.. how come???



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