Traded In Wave for Phantom

After 2 years of faithful services, FX 8758Y was finally
being traded in. Me and those who had sat on you b4
will always remember you... :(

My Last photo with "FX8758Y"

After 2 years of riding I can finally access 'you' and write my reviews.

Pros: Super fuel efficient (4okm/L), nimble in traffic, easy basket access.
Cons: Small fuel capacity, light enough to be swept to another lane when optimus prime moves past, often mistaken as malaysian, low maintaince.

My honda wave had a lot of history even from the first day I brought it home. I surprised a lot of people as brought it secretly and impulsively. I rode Jiayi around first and joined YS at bugis which later we went to Marina South. (tat was 2 years ago)

My Honda Wave first look (2 years ago)

The first place that I took to with my wave. Marine South (2 years ago)

Spending so much and so much. Put in effort so much and so much until the bike look nice nice.. (although a lot of people dun think its nice) From uncle style mod until like chiongster bike like that. And now trade in for only S$1.6k, hai~ Loss a lot of money ar.

And I am not interest to intro my new bike at all loh. Cos the condition I brought in was quite poor and I miss my wave. Just to info. I brought Phantom TA200 for S$1.6k So its a one for one exchange plus I pay insurance, transfer fee and paper work. Total damage S$500. Plus I repair my wave before I trade in and I spent S$57 on the repair. Kinda sad cos wave give me a accident free ride. Seldom give me problem. Maybe only twice only.. Sad.. If I have the mood next time then I post about my new Phantom..

Evil look loh
Guess who is this "kind" looking terrorist???



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