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Never work under a lady boss. I heard people saying this. I didn't realize how true it was, until today. After quitting Blazing Telecom after a management dispute. I found another job in Apollo Center. Working as a "waiter" in the KTV. They underpay me for $4.50 per hour, which I already earned $6 per hour 7 years ago. I have to do the duty of washing cups and house keeping. Not mentioning that they don't provide transport even we work till 5am in the morning, and they even had no meal allowance when doing afternoon shift.

Working in this kinda environment was bad enough and make things worst, I am working with fark up colleague. After two weeks of working. I met this girl, one year older than me. Okie, appearance wise is 7/10. Intially, I was excited to work with a good looking girl and she was maybe 4 month senior than me. I started to break the ice and saying her on what she was doing. She replied me in one word reply or reciprocated the question at me. Okie, I got the message that she wasn't interested in me and like me to leave her alone. So I did.

I started to observe that she was acting like she owned the whole place and I am not going to mess it up. She is hyper actively involved in what she was doing. Trying to impress me by "she knows it all" attitude. She started to correct me on my slightest mistake and trying to re-explain on all the house rules to me. (which I already know, come on, I have been working for 2 weeks already) Not to interrupt her, I just stare at her blankly and hope she read my message that I know it already. Maybe she had low EQ to realize it, and keep going on and on.

I just thought, okie.. Different people, different style. So I just try to stand further from her and hope that she will not pick on me again. Later that night, she ordered me to inform that one of the room is ending at 10pm.. So normal I will start to see the room for last song maybe 2 minute before 10pm. This is my practice as if the customer is particular about timing at least when I say times up, they will have no excuse saying that the time is still not up. I stand around at around 9.51pm. She walked over and say "Gary, I don't know that you can see the room from where you are standing" Very sarcastic right. I was so blown of that I felt like cumming on her face.
She doesn't even let touch counter stuff, even she is very busy. She would say that my duties is to serve customer and counter stuff don't need me to worry. Wah lan, haven she heard of the word. "Initiative".

Why is she bossy. And not only bossy. She is the typical "hu lan pah" type. When the captain is around, she would sound like a pussy cat and stick to the captain like cats like to do to peoples legs when they wants food. Meow... She act so hard working like she wants to work her way to IC, or manager post. Common la, this kinda job. I let you become CEO you also don't wanna give a shit. Macdonale pays better loh. This should be the last post that I commend on this job because I will quit real soon.



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