Saturday, April 15, 2017

五元夫婦 吳閔碩❤強藝元


Min Suk ♥ Ye Won OhYe Couple is one of the most anticipated couple. A lot of the fan expected them to become a real couple after the show.

We are married is one of the most cruel reality show. They make 2 person committed to married life spend so many months together, develop kinship and after the program end, they just cut the relationship like that. As if nothing had ever happened.  

But partly also have to consider they celebrity background. It not easy to declare that you are in a relationship bla bla bla. Hence so many couple had not openly acknowledge their relationship. I felt that this couple also.

I believe that the girl really gave her heart and all to the husband. She really wants the relationship to happen after the program as she had hinted many time in the show. She was also the one that initialled most of the "skinship" and Kisses and all.

This is the celebration of their 100 days and the husband giving her a surprise. Being a very strong character, the wife seldom cry. She is a great actor so she can also hide her feeling well, but end up both also tears up.

The last day of the program and their had to do the last interview. It so sad to see that the wife really sad to end the relationship. She promise not to cry but she can't hold her tears back. 9 months of married life and they were such a family who showed real care.

She cry till her eye so red. Hope she and him can go on the Hawaii trip together. 

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