Friday, April 14, 2017

我們結婚了 養眼夫婦 郭時暘❤金素妍

We are married, a variety show from Korean, which feature 2 idol either as singer or actor and put them into a few months long period of married life. They will go through ceremony and move in together in a new home and spend a few months together. Once in a while they will need to complete so task together.

One of the couple I really like is her. She was my idol when she was filming All about Eve some twenty years ago I think. The every first 2 drama from Korean I watched. Before them there wasn't even any K pop. That time was the transition between J and K pop.

She is already 37. But look at her...

Her virtual husband is 30 years old and was 7 years younger than her. But that didn't spoilt the whole romantic relationship at all.

Her husband was so romantic that the surprise birthday present was voted the sweetest on the whole series. Although people know that to some extend that the story was staged but no one can stop the women from being touch to tear with so much heart and soul put into the surprise birthday. You have to watch to understand what I mean, I cried so many time through the series. I think they are really falling for each others.

A very short clip on how the man prepare for her a total of 11 surprise and gift through the day on her birthday. Its so cruel, being so much surprise and love how can anyone forget him. How can she find a husband in the future. Cause no one can give her so much surprise anymore. Good job, if I can be as sweet as him.

If anyone is interested to watch the series. I provided the link here. Don't worry full chinese sub titled so you will not miss out a single moment.

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