Monday, October 12, 2015


Looks like I can't chase a women. I am ashamed to say that I didn't manage to woe the girl I like in my life time. So sad to say that. There is 2 persons that I really put in heart and soul. I always thought that you have to give love to receive love. However when I give love, I got friend zoned. Always!!!

Throw back to age 19, when I met Karen at L****house. She is the first lady I chase in my life. Some of the memory and stuff that happen at that moment is still vivid in my mind. I remember that time when we watched MVP qing ren and the song grew on me.

I know I looked noob when I was 19. And that time my best army friends also like Karen so we both chase together. I reckon that time was I was too passive. Didn't take enough initiative and now of cause she is happily married and I am happy for her. She is my first regret which I cannot become couple no matter how hard I tried.

So as time goes by, I think I need to be more aggressive, more straight forward and honest. Does it work this time round? 

No!! After like 12 years till now I met with someone whom I throw heart and soul again. I was friend zoned. Again.

Let go into commercial first and enjoy the "噢爸什么都可以" song. This is the variety show that we had enjoyed watching together. Albeit half together half watch alone. In the video is 崔始源 also named "O Ba" whom is a rich, tall, built, handsome and gentleman kind of person, of cause whatever also can lah.

越过妳划的线,我定了勇气 的终点
妳说我不该不该, 不该在这时候说了我爱妳
要怎么证明我没有说谎的力气 ,哦 请告诉我
暂停算不算放弃 我只有一天的回忆

If given so handsome I everything also can. I summarized my failure this time. I was too open and honest already. I exposed all my weakness and flaws very openly and that will be people who cannot accept. Albeit I still think that what happened in the past cannot determine a person character.

I was also too aggressive. I reveal my affection too early. But I didn't know that thru my previous failure of being too passive with karen, this case of mine is just not the opposite, I should let it, 顺其自然,顺水推舟,水到渠成。

Being ugly looking also make everything slightly more difficult. You know when you are cuter, all the 择偶其实都是过眼云烟。I should be more aware to my appearance.

Last but not least, lets watch the 主题曲 我们相爱吧。This song will definitely remind my failed love attempt. 

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