Thursday, July 24, 2014

A near miss accident and a confirm hit tier 3

Out to takka for dinner and shopping with bestie. Gonna spend my $800 voucher from citi challenge. I received a news from my boss telling me i DID HIT MY TIER 3. Thats why we call out a celebration. 

Ys ordered rib eye which is thinner cut, wider spread, favorly and little bit of fats here and there. It taste almost like wayua beef. 

My fillet migon failed me. I tried this in bendigo twice but kinda forget and migon suck cause the meat is so lean without any charco grilled fat like rib eye. 

Brought my first agnes b bag. One that i had eyed very lonng ago. I could be useful for my lone trip oversea. Furthermore voe thailand trip is up coming. Geared up. Gonna save voucher to get another agnes b sport bag. I having so many bags. Just like a women. 

I fucking hate people who drink drive now. After license suspended before i repeat my mistake to drink drive again. This time my side got collide to the highway dividen bar at lane 1. Due to me falling asleep when i lost my way from bedok due to drink. Lucky me didnt had any accident. Lucky me this time. I guess me never learn. Pls fuck me when u see me. 

100 ntb. Hit. And fall short a little but over i still love my comm. 

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