Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Planning to Saigon trip 2014

Book my ticket to Vietnam and will be leaving on 12th January 2014. Finally, this will be the first time I visit this country, going to visit so of my friend I knew back here in Singapore. Trang's coffee shop is at Hanoi so probably don't get to listen to her singing this time.

When to youtube some Vietnam Ho chi minh clips and saw Gordan eating snake in Vietnam and I google some strange exotic food served in Vietnam. They have the culture of "finish everything" meaning they try to keep waste of food to minimum.

I really want try the "make man have power" baby duck eggs and "one night 5 time" snake heart and blood. Fucking want to try. And seasonal period they have dog meat in Vietnam. Gonna get some puppy love as well. Of course I will be back with tonnes of Vietnam coffee, and I had already booked 20kg luggage back to Singapore. Lathivan gonna join me and show me the true way of Vietnam. Yahoo!!

Vietnam is like a topical country and I guess I will be missing out snowing. Unlike Shen Yang which I totally can't forget the duck blood fen si and Xue bi

Club 36 having Christmas lucky draw and I had collected a couple of voucher which I heard that the first price is a 2 return ticket to Vietnam. Very innovative so I hope I get to go for 2nd time if I am lucky being picked as the grand price winner. Wahaha.

Gonna got out of job soon. Poor Gary.

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