Friday, December 13, 2013

My christmas present a mont blanc iphone sleeve

Bad news. My 400k credit limit increase had not been approved, but bank only give up to 240k for mdm cheong. Now she had been sourcing alternative term loan at other bank. Pending their approval, she will only consider taking with me if other bank reject her. And she cannot confirm that she will be taking with me by this month :(

WTF!!! I had already put all my eggs in this basket. My loan till mid month is still $0. If i piew this loan i will miss comm this month. Also mean losing my virgin away... Furthermore i brought the prada briefcase already with the comm of this deal on credit. GG...

No mood to fight this week liao. I jitao ab jurong east and go shopping again. Brought home my dinner to eat while watching my china programme again. 

Visit mont blanc to see my iphone 5 sleeve cover and got convinced by jonathan to buy it on the spot. He say damn chio matching my prada wallet. I guess i am addicted to branded and i can't accept non branded goods even if i find them practically useful. Style and practicality is inverse proportion. Just like i saw one really nice wallet and coin purse from pierre cardin at $89. I rather spend it on mont blanc sleeve which cost me whooping $300. Then they ask me if it was a christmas present and do i need it to be wrapped. I reckon i will not be receiveing any christmas present this year so i thought, why not buy present for myself.

And then i go back home and go through the motion of unwrapping the present assuming i do not know what is inside. Wah!!! A mont blanc sleeve. Thanks Gary. Muack muack, love you. Okie i am crazy. I think its the same as you spending money to buy for someone and the person buy you the present of the same value like gife exchange but i got to choose what gift i want :p

One series of subtle black leathers good and image you signing OTP with cilent. And not forgetting the briefcase opens up as a A4 size folder and signing off with my Balengiaca pen. 

Looking at it, i immediately found that the lighter is like a little out of place. So i went around to get a lighter. What brand shall i go for? Yes ST Dupont!!!! Bring my father's era back can. 

This well know lighter brand with the signature "diang" sound. You can make no mistake it is a dupont lighter from miles away. A lot of dso are copying style like some of the top popular and most copied things are, mont blanc diamond pen, prada bag, rad russel purple laced shoes, hermes signature belt and bangles, tag heuer watch, ray ban spec and the signature uncut hairstyle. I mean drop by any citibank dso booth and you see they almost all carrying the same signature goods. Out of the hundred plus dso, no one ever used any dupont lighter yet. I want to coin the dupont lighter style and let all other dso follow suit. And the price of whooping $1400 for a dupont classic lighter, dso will be dying to buy one cause they had too much money to anyhow spend. I think i shall go for 12 months interest free package as i do not earn like them. I shall get dupont as my valentine gift, another excuse of my to buy myself gift. 

This tie pin and cufflinks are so my style and i had targeted it for my .... Chinese new year gift. Wahahaha. I think ask lathivan get me this. Ciaos

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