Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happiness can come in cheap and expensive forms

Oct paycheck had a slight increacment due to higher number of ntb and good shield rate. I had slight out performed sept. Still remember how i open 8th gate for loan a few entry back. This is the payback for working hard at the last few days :)

$3789 + $2600 = $6300 (gross income)
$6300 x 0.36 = $2300 ( cpf contribution)

This month i am struggling for ntb :( Left 4 days i am 7 ntb short, normally if u break down average days ratio, it is very hard to hit comm this month. However a lot of ppl say don't give up, last few days are the time where efficency is the highest. 

I agree. Give up and miss comm is a no no for me. Even if u had to tried ur hardest effort to preserve the comm. just like women viginity. You steal, snatch and fight back not to give in to temptation of giving up, cause the momet you open the leg once, there is not sanarity in the future. So miss comm is a big no no. 

Looking at the income, is it wise to give up my 40 hours work week for a 72 hours work week?!?!?' No life extremely no life. The more you move into sales hour, you lifestyle naturally force you to go late hour entertainment. And that is where you expense keep increasing. You want to buy entertain in the most little time, you want to skip all the foreplay and get into business straight away. And all these straight away happiness doesn't come cheap as well. But the is the con of working a 72 hours work week. 

Shabu shabu at En Japanese a good example of how money can be lit with areosline and burn like nobody business. 

It is inevitable not to increase ur expenses when your income increase. When i work freelance i had time to watch movie and play game, all these is cheap entertainment and i am equally happy. But now if you ask me to watch movie and play games it would be kind of stupid and unproductive. 

Eating a bowl of wanton noodle is equally filling. So why is ppl spending so much on food?

I believe happiness can be coming from cheap way and expensive way. Though latter can be more of an unhealtier choice. 

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