Monday, September 09, 2013


Some tip to identifying local set mobile phone. Watch for ida approval sticker under the battery cover. All local set must come with ida approval sticker. Check for carrier sticker on battery, normally singtel and starhub set do have sticker for 6 months warranty.

Check for language support under setting of the phone to make sure there is english, chinese and thai support to make sure asian language is supported.

Finally, for phone more than 4 years old, it doesn't make a different even if it is export set if chinese is already supported as it is equally out of warranty. Price shall be the consideration factor. For phone like n82 a used retail price for $90 is reasonable at point of writing.

Lastly, some people are meant to be treasured, some meant to be let go. And some are meant to be placed deep inside your heart forever.



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  1. Thnx for the tips! This post came just at the right time when I want to get n82. Useful post :D
    Do update more on your interesting life. Your blog rox :)