Sunday, October 03, 2010



Master Ivan told me the same thing that he told me last time during Aura reading. The first thing he see my chart is: 你很乱。乱乱乱乱乱。

Missing elements from earth and fire

According to my ba zi, out of the five element ; wood, fire, metal, earth and water. I had 5 elements under fire, 2 under water and 1 under wood. (Everyone supposed to have 8 random elements of any kind). As illustrated in the above diagram, I had a strong characteristic (metal), but lacks in career(earth) and drive(fire).

本命: 缺火,缺水。 很难突出,没方向。

夫妻: 老婆为贵

子女: 为贵

事业: 先成家而再立业, 有想法, 胆缺, 冲不到。

迁移: 适合到国外发展。

朋友: 女为好, 身边小人多, 朋友截你福气。

财: 正财为旺, 不宜赌。

The simplest sentence to describe all the craps are: 我天生我材, 被人用. Had the potential but display for the wrong person, unappreciated. Career/ Environment meet evil star of 陀螺. Spinning round and round without directions, disorientated in life. Stepping all over in the wrong directions.

Got the plan to do but lack the courage to carry it out. Insecure of myself. Discontented with life, suitable to live in the moment of glory rather than remaining forever under a low post. Responsibility is my motivation to changes. Suitable to get married this year or next year. If not have to wait till 2013.


End of the session, master recommended me to rectify my fate by purchasing some $988 kind of pyramid, which of course I had kindly rejected. I think it will be more worthwhile investing in my Nokia N8, which by the way only cost $799 if you pre order online.

Well, 一命 ,二运 ,三风水 ,四读书 ,五福报. 中国五千年历史源远流传, 必然有他一定的道理. I do not doubt the existence of Feng Shui itself, I am just not so sure about the person conveying it, the creditability and the accuracy of it. I am just taking it with a pinch of salt, it will not affect my decision in whatsoever. Anyone interested in reading the thingy, i say, save it up for something else. Some things are better to left alone.


  1. Your Ba Zi consultation quite true eh?

    Need to get married at 2013?? O_o?
    I wonder wonder.

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    Can i know which branch u go for this reading? Happen to chance upon this blog and I want to look for this master Ivan