Friday, August 06, 2010

Stubborn yet self steering your life

I guess I am a pretty stubborn person. What I think its right, I will stay firm ground regardless of what people say. Sometime I might be wrong, but I still will not regret my action. However most of the time, I am right.

Friend sometime crosses your path, touches you heart and before you truely wants to uphold the precious relationship. And puff, they are gone. We are just a chapter in their life book and so are they in ours. Remembering nothing in this universe last forever, every one day beyond the begining is just one day nearer to the end.

Don't live your life compromising yourself for others and do not seek for recognition. End of the day you are out there by yourself and you need to make decision by yourself. Choices that affects our life is only fair if we made them ourselves. Believing people blindly put our reliance on others but we should train ourself for independant decision, intuition, rationality and plain guts feeling. So what if we are wrong? Doesn't mean people are right too.

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