Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WISP reflection paper

WISP reflection paper

Attending WISP was very beneficial for me in term of acquiring a better understanding of current world issue. International conflict may not affect our life directly, however through understanding how conflict arise, problem led and solution provided helps us learnt to handle our interpersonal relationship better. Keeping up with current affairs also promptly prepare us for conversional starter during social gatherings.

Dialogue in the Dark
I am very fortune to be able to attend Dialogue in the Dark even before it was opened to the public. That would be the most significant classes that I had attended for WISP. The experience to put myself in the shoe of the blind had allowed me to search my soul and learnt to open my heart and place my trust on others. All along I had the mentality of “I am the master of my life” or even "I am my own destiny”, however after the trip, it made me realize that how fortune of me to be so complete and to the extent that I took small little things around me for granted. I discriminated and stereotyped people by race or ethnicity, looked down on people and reluctant to trust others for I always felt superior before others. It never comes to me that I might lose them one day. For if that day were to come, I would had regretted not treating people with equal respect as they would probably treats me differently. If anything, I had to change my own attitude if I would want others to treat me better.

Learning point 1
Assignment 2 requires my group to look into Bosnian war. The imaginary 2060 Singapore incident typically slap me in my face. It was so real and possible. I just realize that all along I have been fortune to lives in Singapore. They had been doing a good job to maintain good relationship with our neighbors and at the same time keeping up with the world. We are proudly placing top in world standing but still we had our limitation. Water shortage will always be our weakest link and one day we overcome this were we be a truly free nation. This made me realized that my nation is vulnerable and reliance to other country and hence we had to be humble and treat other people with respect.

Learning point 2
Through parts I collected in the lecture, I learnt that media can fault report incident. Reading news was all good but we had to be constructive and analytical at the same time. Strong nation like United State had the ability to cover up stories. Fabricated plane crash and inside job of terrorist were all possible and I had learnt to keep my opinion open.

Learning point 3
During the discrimination article, where I wrote on Women right of Taliban Women and had an insight to unorthodox Muslim. They tweaked Muslim law and abuse women because of their gender discrimination. I am sympathetic to their condition at Pakistan and this is no way to treat a women or any human so to speak. I discovered that some minority had been using religion influence to control people. It is a powerful tool and it cans seriously detriment a nation very quickly. I also start to question the creditability of religion. Since then I starts to view things in a more rational perspective rather than emotion point of view.

To improve myself as a better nation citizen, I should learn to appreciate water in Singapore. What is more important to conserve our nation limited resources. From the 2060 incident, I came to realize that 2011 first contract will be terminated soon. Alternative methods are implemented and other technologies were in the process of developing. Take desalination for example, we had abundant supply of seawater since we are an island but the energy require to generate the plant is not economical. I foresee that Singapore had to part more of its fund out to either desalinate seawater or acquire water reliance on Indonesia.

I really enjoyed WISP module. To better improvement for future students, I thought the out of class to Dialogue in the Dark had been very beneficial and thought more of this out of classroom lecture should be encouraged.

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    Thanks for sharing. Was quite lost as to how to start for my personal reflection.

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