Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cheapest Japanese Sushi in Singapore

Where can you find cheapest Japanese food, Sushi in Singapore?

Wakau, we found a place to eat super cheap sushi de lah. Located at bukit timah plaze basement 1. Inside cold storage which is beside the KFC.

Pre-packed sushi, freshness guaranteed. The price is more or less those you found anywhere, roughly $7 for 10 pieces, but the catch is to buy them near closing.

30% OFF after 8pm
50% OFF after 9.10pm

There are couple of seats available and they also offers wide range of variety. Sashimi and rows etc. Recommended damage for bloating full meal after 8pm. $12/person nett.

Today jam for 1 hr at JI custom.

My life has more or less settled. I had decided moving into a new chapter, career building. And yes, I would be giving up my academic study. Is it a smart move? Only time can tell.

First of all, I had to clear my 2 years bond with Sembcorp, looking it in this way. I can enter the field, trial run it and then decide if engineering is the kind of job I want. I might go for MBA instead. 2 years to gain relevant experience without fearing for retrenchment, climbing the corporate ladder and I see myself being an offical Engineer by the end of these 2 years.

Oh, by the way, my designation is Assistant Engineer (E3) which is 2 stop lower than fresh under grade, who joining straight as Engineer (E5). I believe with my potential, by the time people takes 3 years to get a degree, I might had hopped pass E5.

More into my job. I had been posted to Project Development (Engineering) department. Which I handle more or less with client for project tendering, costing and budgeting. Not a very technical field but more of a people management sides. If there were modules in Poly that helps me, it will be Project Management and Quantity Survey. I am still trying to acclimatize myself into office job.

It already 3rd week and I still do not have any specific job to work with. Althought current we had 2 major projects on hand; boiler and desalination, but till now, I had not done anything constructive. I hope to contribuate and felt important in the company, and everybody were asking me to be patience.

Errr, lastly Iphone 4 sucks.... Apple sucks...... Steve J sucks sucks sucks.

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