Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It okie to speak up

If you are in a relationship, you are deliberately avoiding your parnter call. It only spell one thing, this relationship is wracked.

You know I would ask you to come accompany me for work, so you didn't reply my miss call. You admitted that you had noticed the miss call but choose only to pick up my call when you already home. So you had the excuse of not coming down. Anyway, I intention was only to ask your common test results. What if it was something urgent and one choose to remain uncontactable? How does it feels? You do not even have the courage to express your intention, be it you want to come or not. Why avoid?

This does not happen for one time. Furthermore you came up with white lies that you phone in silent mode, you didn't see the miss call etc. I can't stand the most, lying. Then when you are caught, u gave silly laughter as if it was all a small little harmless white lie.

On my part it was unfair to ask you to always travel so far from woodland to clementi. I may be selfish in this area. But this is not a reason for telling lie, not an excuse.

There should be no secret between us. Voicing out your unhappiness, rather than keep it inside and hold me at grudge. Sometime we cannot assume other could read us. Sometime you think it too minor to bring up these tiny issue. But compounding many mnay up, it could turn into one big problem. 冰冻三尺,非一日之寒。So let start sloving one small issue at a time.

Couples are also suppose to share, good or bad. Thick or thin. One time is you doesn't want to share your problem with me. Even something to be happy about, I am always the last to know. I felt so distanced. Okie. I seldom post this kind of emo post. Let this one be the last.

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