Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to buy Iphone 3gs with $450

My love and hate relationship with Iphone, dated back to my attachment in Australia where I brought an Ipod touch 2nd gen 16 gb for 399 aud. For quite a while I had been using my Itouch, even my classmate was surprise that I can use one gadget for much a long time.

I knew I wasn't contented until I get an Iphone. So one fine day ys and me decided to go AMK to look for one. Brought a second hand 3G 16 gb for $650. It was for a while, before I grew tired of it and exchanged for a mildstone on Ebay. It was a crazy idea cause the demand for Milestone was lower than Iphone.

I tried very hard before I sold my milestone to one of my customer for $500. Making a loss of $150. Then one fine day someone came selling another Iphone 3G 16 gb. I convinced him to sell me at $330. I took over from my boss for $350. He agreed as he see it some kinda incentive for my hard work. So have an Iphone for $350 was really a good deal. No way am I suppose to make any losses since it was a rock bottom price, even exporter was taken in at $500.

I was rather sure this time I would keep the phone. Few days later, one guy came and I talked him into trading his 3gs 16 gb with mine with me topping him $100 so making my total cost of $450. That night was the release of OS4 and I quickly upgraded my 3gs 16 gb and then I discover that it can't be jailbreak as it belongs to a new bootrom. The next day while I was promoting one 3gs 32 gb for my boss shop, I quoted $700 and the guy was keen to get it. I quickly "peng" to my 3gs 16 gb as I bluffed him that I hacked Iphone 4 OS onto my Iphone so if he gets mine he will have the very first Iphone 4 even before Iphone 4 will be out in Singapore. Without much hesitation, he requested to buy mine at $700. So end up I swapped mine with company's Iphone 3gs 32 gb. In a nutshell, 3gs 32 gb now cost me $450 nia.

-- Post From My iPhone

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