Wednesday, June 02, 2010

CHAO CHEE BYE....... (Sorry for the vulgar and all the young readers who drop by)

But I cannot express my angry in any better way. Remember that day I just said that I received the summon for littering cigg butt outside school for the 2nd time.

Today, I received a letter from the KNN environment ag_ency. Asking me to attend court to answer a charge on me. For what the fuck? Littering? Is it really that serious or not? Attend court for littering? KNNBCCB. Nowadays our police doing some good job. Lowest crime rate therefore the court very free, cannot charge people with murder, rape or robbery. They everyday lim kopi, kiao ka yo lanpa decides to charge people in court for fucking throwing a not more than 1.57cm^3 cigg butt.

Let radius=0.5cm Pie=3.14 multiply by height=2cm

Fuck lah.... I really need to go and sweep "tor kar" liao lah.

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