Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alantis with Clp

Yesterday went to Atlantis with Clp, just the two of us. Shihao was there working and saw some couple of old collegue. We ordered 3 jar for 75 plus a beancurd chix for 12. Clp tried to keep me sober by drinking my portion and ended up, she was drunk.

Last night was all chinese and english songs but not much of thai song. The only one that we were familiar was thi rak by prik thai. Oh Clp kept pestering me the question if I was drunk. Come on, 3 jar nia. She never knew me. Eh ba..... No lah, tipsy a bit got la.

While on the cab we saw a lady rider who rides runner but her foot wasn't touching the floor. Now who says vertical challenged lady can't ride tall bike. Runner wasn't tall at the first place. Haha.

Pictures taken with iphone 3g and totally sucks ball.

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