Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vexed lah...

I am passionate about things I do in life, at the beginning at least. I love to give it a 110% but always failed to persevere to the end. So naturally, I don't achieve much in life other than all those tiny little regrets here and there.

"What if I had...".

I hate to use these words. I am emotional now. I hate to be emotional. My negativity cause my 'YIN' qi to increase which create an aura hitting collateral damages to surrounding people. I am a happy go lucky guy, I forget easily.

And WTH. Liping got into Top 10 Most What the HELL category,

and also a chance to leave Hong Kong for holiday. I mean really wth. Put aside she cook 3 strand of vege for a meal, eat eggs x 10 a meal, survival guide for 60 cents a week or even skip 170 in one mintutes. There isn't anything to....

Fuck WHAT THE HEL?!?!?!?

Best of all, she doesn't even include a OMY BLOG sticker/banner for people to vote her at all. While she happily dreaming that she had a slim chance to go Hong Kong for holiday.. Hahaha.

Tell me how do I vote?

Okie, back to myself. I everyday working at Clementi had going into oven treatment. I am so sticky whole day + oily too. The weather is TMD hot.

I exchanged my Iphone with Milestone and also got CLP a Ipod touch 2gen for...... $70. HEEHEE don't be jealous...

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