Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lok lok at Taman Sentosa

LOK LOK!!! Weeeee....

After craving it for so long, I finally got the chance to go in and eat again. A very enjoyable trip yesterday night with buddies to Taman Sentonsa, Johor. Really, I think it was the companionship that made the whole experience better. We talk cock again in Qing He's car with Jiayi and Raymond, you know those topic that only certain friends will understand. They know you, and they laughs at your stupid jokes. Genuinely.

My favorite Lok Lok at Taman Sentosa. We were lucky to be early so not much crowd.
I mean its certainly not for hygiene conscious people. The pot of water was shared with other stranger and the indigent although fresh but exposed to the busy streets and stuff. Dust and bacteria all, you know. Its dirty street food, but we don't care. That's the whole reason that made it best. Our body are catered for dirty food :)

Price wise is not considered cheap by local standard. While you indulge one after one and talk with friends at the same time. You easily forgets how many you ate and it could add up to a lot.

Whao, yesterday we ate a total of 60 riggit. Average 15 per pac so roughly convert back to SIN is around 5 plus.

The mushroom simply no joking matter. Its the best of all that night. The uncle deep dried the mushroom and sprinkle pepper on top. Its crispy outside and juicy inside. OMG OMG OMG...

Too bad I don't owe a car, if not I can go in as and when I like :(

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